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  • Lenovo Tab A3300 Review

    Lenovo Tab A3300

    Pros: Cheap Price, suitable for average users, and quad-core processor
    Cons: Low screen quality, supports 2G only, limited internal memory 

     This is considered to be from Lenovo's first generation tablets; it's designed to be a practical one, on the go and available on a budget.


    The Tablet is designed to be simple and practical, and easy to use. Unlike the YOGA tablets from Lenovo, it has the traditional design of tablets. It's made of plastic and has a big screen bezel. The dimensions of this tablet are 198 x 119.8 mm and the thickness is 9.3mm. And it weighs 327 g. seems pretty basic design yet it doesn’t look bad.tablenovo-3300-01


    Just like the design is basic, the tablet's performance is basic and simple also. Using Lenovo launcher interface, and running on android Jelly bean 4.2.2, this is how the tablet is out of the box. Pretty basic, but given that that tablet was released last year, it seemed fine for a mid range tablet to have a Jelly Bean OS. As for the processor it's a Quad-core Mediatek processor of 1.3 GHz. For a mid-range tablet that seems to provide a good quality performance. The Internal memory of the tablet is 8GB only with 1 GB of RAM, could be a bit limited for all the apps and files you'd want to get, however you can still add a memory card up to 64GB. The tablet support 2G networks only , meaning you wont be able to access internet properly using Mobile Data, you will need to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, But you will be able to make phone calls with it. All of this work on a 3500 mAh built in battery.7248-c7300c3d 680 400


    As all tablets, the screen size is 7 inches or higher, Lenovo Tab A3300 has a 7 inch IPS LCD screen, not bad for a tablet with such pricing, but don't get your hopes high for the screen resolution, cause you will only get 600 x 1024 pixels and the screen density is only 170 pixel per inch. This means watching HD content on this screen will not be very clear but not bad as well. However, you will enjoy browsing, and basic tasks of any tablet, like writing, or checking emails and playing simple games.lenovo-tablet-a7-30-front-1


    As we've already mentioned, it's a simple tablet for simple usage, so keep ur expectations at an average level this time. The main camera is only a 2MP one, could be good for online captures, for small sized photos, but it wont get you high quality photography . And as for the front camera it's s 0.3 MP and that will be useful only for video calls and video chatting on skype or so.camera

    Bottom line

    The Lenovo Tab A3300 is a great choice if you are looking forward to get a tablet with an economical price; the performance is the main asset here, but with average screen and camera resolution and also supporting 2G

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