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  • Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 Review

    Lenovo Yoga Tab 2

    Pros: Yoga stand, high res screen, good battery
    Cons: no confirmation for android lollipop upgrade, low res front camera 

    Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 is the second version after the first Yoga Tab. The newer version has upgrades in some of the features that will make using this tablet even better


    The design is similar to the first one, with the yoga kickstand that will make the tablet easy to place on any surface to use. The dimensions of the tablet are 210 x 149mm and it's 7 mm thick, and weighs 420g. it has 2 speakers on the front, a camera on the back corner and the power button on the side. The Yoga Tab 2 is a Unibody tablet an it looks very elegant and contemporary at the same time. The kickstand has a button to release it and when the stand is opened there is an empty part of it so you can hang the tablet fromlenovo-yoga-tablet-2-series-product-photos07


    The Tablet is running on android 4.4.2 kitkat, but there are no news if it could be upgraded to lollipop. The Internal storage is 16GB, which is enough to save all sorts of files and also you can add a memory card up to 64GB, The tablet has got 2GB RAM which will provide smooth ,lag-free, performance . The processor is a quad core 1.2Ghz one and that will be good enough to perform as expected. The tablet supports 3G networks, wifi, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. And as for the battery it is a 6400mAh one that can last up to13 hours.yoga-2


    The screen is an 8 inch IPS LCD display, with resolution of 1200 x 1920 pixels and screen density of 283 pixels per inch. This is a very good quality screen that will provide amazing resolution and you can play HD content on it and it will meet your expectations. Not only that, you can also play games that have high graphics resolution.lenovo yoga2 tablet


    The main camera of the tablet is an 8MP one, which will be providing good quality photos, in comparison with other tablets on the market. And also there is a 1.6 megapixels front camera which will be very helpful with video chat, video calls and maybe taking selfies as well. both cameras can record video clips.Lenovo-Yoga-Tab-2-review-14

    Bottom line

    As a tablet user, almost all tablets nowadays are very similar but this one looks different and distinctive. What's really unique about it is the new design that is acutaly very practical and yet contemporary.

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