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  • Samsung Galaxy E7 Review

    Samsung Galaxy E7

    Pros: Big screen, nice design, great Camera
    Cons: Cannot use dual sim with sd card, battery is average. 
    Bottom line: If you like phablets and looking for great performance and nice design you need to consider this one. But it's gonna be a bit pricey, so if you are looking for a phone on a budget, this is not going to be a suitable choice. 


    The new E series phones form Samsung are looking the same with differences of the size. Unlike the Galaxy E5, Galaxy E7 is a bit bigger; its dimensions are 151.3 x 77.2 mm and 7.3 mm thick. But as for the actual design it's similar to the E5's, Unibody, with metal like frame and metal back cover. The phone is available in white, black, and brown. Samsung-Galaxy-A7-640x426


    The phone runs on android's Latest KitKat Version 4.4.4, with a qualcomm snapdragon quad-core processor. So far this phone performs exactly as the Galaxy E5. The internal storage is also 16GB , with an option to add a memory card up to 64GB , but here you have 2GB RAM. top-smartphone-dang-chu-y-len-ke-thang-2-giadinhonline-4-1419

    The phone supports 3G networks, works on wi-fi, has Bluetooth and USB connections. As for power and battery, it has a 2950 mAh built-in battery, there's no specific timing for how long will it last. However Samsung added the Ultra power saving mode to the phone. 


    The display of the Samsung Galaxy E7 is a big 5.5 Super AMOLED screen, Like most of samaung's phones. The screen is of HD resolution 720x1280 so it will provide good quality when it comes to watch HD content or playing games with High graphics resolutions. The screen density is a bit less than the E5's , that’s because the screen is bigger with the same resolution, making it of 276 Pixel per inch. But still that's not going to affect the watching experience you'd get. The screen has good viewing angles as well. 87a31240-b334-11e4-a94e-55869ab23a46 Samsung-Galaxy-E7-a


    This is probably one of the best things about this phone; it has a very good main camera of 13MP resolution and it can shoot Full HD videos as well. You can choose between different shooting modes, and effects that you can add to your photographs. As for the front camera it's a great 5MP with wide angled lens to make you make the best out of selfies. And also to make video calls and chats better than before.galaxye5-750x450


    The phone comes with charger, USB cable, headphones, different size ear buds. User guide and manuals

    Bottom line

    The Galaxy E7 is a phablet with great abilities that makes it good enough for almost all tasks you might be using it for. The design is also a very elegant and yet durable one. The phone is light, slim and enduring.

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