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  • Samsung Core Prime Review

    Samsung Core Prime

    Pros: Budget phone, compact size, Android kitkat 4.4.4
    Cons: low internal storage, no screen brightness sensor, Low screen resolution

     Just as it is making great progress with flagships and high-end phones, Samsung is not neglecting its mid-range and low end devices, on the contrary it is keen on providing all what is new and up to date. Galaxy Core Prime is a new Mid-range phone for those who want decent performance on a budget.


    The phone is small to medium sized, it's suitable to use with one hand and it pocket friendly. The body is made of plastic; The back cover is made of matte plastic which makes it look elegant and not cheap, and also there is a metallic looking frame that adds to the phone's looks but it's actually made of plastic, yet it does not look fake. The dimensions of the phone are 130.80 x 67.90 mm and 8.8 mm and weighs 130 g. The design looks like the original Galaxy devices.Galax-core-prime-design


    Samsung Galaxy Core Prime runs on android OS Kitkat 4.4.4, and it probably will be getting lollipop update but no confirmation yet when will that happen. The phone also operates with a 64-bit quad-core processor which will guarantee reliable performance for your tasks. The internal storage is a bit problematic here because it's only 8GB and the available memory will be 5GB, you can still add an external memory card up to 64GB, but that will be useful only for storing files and data, any apps will have to be downloaded on the internal storage only. And lastly for the memory it's got 1GB or RAM only so this means that you might experience some delay or lag if you overload the phone with tasks or apps. So the phone is ideal for basic functions and apps, and if you'd like to run heavy apps it's better to make sure you clear other apps so you wont have to deal with delays and heavy loading. The phone is a dual-sim one with 3G and 2G connections, it supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity. And finaly the battery is a 2000mAh battery that will last only 13 hours of talk time with 3G, it will not last for a whole day , but what you don't know is that the phone has Ultra Power Saving mode so the phone will last as long as possible on low charge. Galax-core-prime-perform


    The screen of Galaxy Core Prime is not a very impressive one. The screen size is a 4.5 inch and it's a Capacitive LCD; it has no protection glass layer so you will have to get a screen protector sticker., it's got resolution of 480x800 pixels and screen density of 207 pixels per inch; this means that HD videos or games will not be up to your expectations, however, this is very reasonable for a phone in that price range. Although watching HD content on this phone will not be the most amazing experience but it will still be a good for browsing, texting, and using social networks. One of the disadvantages is that you cannot set the screen brightness to adjust automatically, only manual adjustment is available.


    For a mid range phone don't expect so much from the camera, but don’t be disappointed as well. The Galaxy Core Prime camera is a 5 megapixel one that can also record HD videos. You have different shooting modes like night mode, beauty shot and panorama. As for the front camera it's 2 MP camera; it will provide average quality for selfie shots but will be okay for video calls and chats.Galax-core-prime-Camera


    The phone comes with charger, usb cable, battery, Headphones and users guide and warranty card.Galax-core-prime-unbox

    Bottom line

    If you are looking for a mid-range phone, it will be doing your basic tasks for smartphone, whether its social networks, browsing, gaming, or even texting, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime is a good choice, however you need to be aware of your battery consumption and also if you are a heavy user of apps, this might hinder the performance of the phone, other than that you are on the safe side.

    Dont forget to submit your Review, Check the Prices, and all detailed specs.

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