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    • Reviewzat brings you all updates and news Live from IFA Berlin

      IFA is the annual Innternational radio exhebition in Berlin, where almost all alpha brands in all that is related to electronics and technology show off their new products and new releases. Of the main events in this year's show will be the launch  of the Galaxy Note 4 that will take place.... Read more: »

    • Sony televisions in 2014.

      Sony televisions in 2014. The Japanese tycoon made a memorable presence in International CES 2014, Sony has an impressive TV lineup this year. Just like LG, Samsung and Panasonic, 4K displays were one of the main pillars of Sony’s new TVs. It also wasn’t a surprise that curved screens made no.... Read more: »

    • Panasonic televisions in 2014.

      Panasonic televisions in 2014. More new TVs to come from International CES 2014, First it was LG’s lineup, then Samsung’s and now its Panasonic’s turn. 4K displays are undisputedly the biggest thing in the TV world at the moment, all flagships families come with 8 million pixels on board that.... Read more: »

    • Samsung televisions in 2014.

      Samsung televisions in 2014. International CES 2014 was the place where most TV manufacturers launched their TV lineup for 2014, Samsung among them. The expectations was held very high for the Korean tycoon to come out with a more impressive lineup than LG’s lineup for the year, so let’s see if.... Read more: »

    • LG televisions in 2014.

      LG televisions in 2014. LG is apparently going big in 2014, in the International CES 2014 the Korean tycoon launched 19 families that has an overall of 44 televisions which the most we’ve seen from any of its competitors. Among the big things in this lineup are 4K UHD displays which are one of.... Read more: »

    • Key consumer technologies to watch for in 2014

      There are a few obvious trends in consumer electronics and the mobile is not part of them. Here at CES 2014, the biggest Consumer Electronics Symposium in the world with all companies and people involved getting together and showcasing their products for the year. Televisions, Wearable technology,.... Read more: »

    • LG and Samsung come up with similar strategies and plans for 2014.

      Consumer Electronics giants LG and Samsung are up for a big competition and it is clear that their vision and strategies are quite similar. Today at CES LG had its press conference at 8:00 a.m and then Samsung followed at 2:00. Both have incredible new technologies that will change the way we use.... Read more: »

    • The biggest curved screen known to mankind.

      Just recently, LG officially announced that it will showcase the world’s largest CURVED ULTRA HD TV model in the International Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. This is the world’s biggest technology event which will take place from the 7th of January to the 10th and which our staff at.... Read more: »

    Results 1 - 8 of 8