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    • Apple announces the Apple Watch

      Apple finally joined the race for smartwatches with its first smartwatch being announced today , and unlike the other big companies, Apple didn't announce just one watch but 3 variants of its watch, one variant designed for Sports , one made of stainless steel metal and the 3rd is a gold iWatch.... Read more: »

    • LG announces 2 new phones and a Stylus version of the G3

      LG has announced 3 new upcoming mid-range android phones in the IFA conference LG Bello, LG Fino and LG G3 Stylus . The phones come in different sizes ,5.5 inch for G3 stylus , 5 inch for the Bello and 4.5 inch for the Fino , they’re all equipped with Quad-core processors and 1 GB RAM ,and come.... Read more: »

    • Check Out Nokia's newest releases

      During The IFA Last week, Nokia Released the newest models of Microsoft Lumia phones along with new age gadgets, so lets take a closer look on what the new Windows Phone partner has got in store for its fans. Nokia introduced 3 Smartphone's and 2 smart gadgets. We got here Microsoft Lumia 830,.... Read more: »

    • SONY surprises at IFA,The Z3 family revealed

      SONY electronics has revealed its new awaited collection of Smartphones yesterday at the IFA Berlin. The Z3 Family includes 3 phones and a Tablet and some smart gadgets. The conference started with the reveal of Smart Watch3 and the new Smart Band, which allows voice commands. Then started.... Read more: »

    • Reviewzat brings you all updates and news Live from IFA Berlin

      IFA is the annual Innternational radio exhebition in Berlin, where almost all alpha brands in all that is related to electronics and technology show off their new products and new releases. Of the main events in this year's show will be the launch  of the Galaxy Note 4 that will take place.... Read more: »

    • Google is working on new smart contact lenses.

      Google can’t seem to have enough of surprising its lovers with all the new cool gadgets and technology. After Google’s super cool Glasses, Google has finished working on a new smart contact lens. This contact lens is coming from collaboration between Google and Novartis; one of the biggest Swiss.... Read more: »

    • New smartwatches from LG and Samsung.

      In Google’s event for developers, Google I/O, a new platform for wearable devices has been announced, like smartwatches and smart glasses for instance, which is called Android Wear. Google announced that the new OS will be focused mainly on notifications, since the main point of having a.... Read more: »

    • The latest iWatch news.

      We’ve been hearing news and rumors for some time now about Apple’s first smartwatch and they’ve finally been confirmed; Apple is in fact working on a smartwatch, which has been known so far as the iWatch, to be launched in October 2014. This is what we know so far about the specs and features of.... Read more: »

    Results 1 - 8 of 8