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  • Facts and Myths About Charging Your Phone

    We’ve all heard all sorts of stories about the consequences of over charging our smartphones, leaving them plugged in or rarely charging them. But which is true? Do phones really explode if you leave them plugged in for too long ? Does the battery get damaged if you charge it many times ? We got some answers for you questions that will put this dilemma to an end. Here are some Facts and Myths about charging smartphones.

    Will leaving the phone on charge overnight will kill the battery?

    -Supposedly, all new smartphones are supposed to stop the current from coming in to protect your phone from overcharging, once the phone is fully charged. Myths-and-Facts-about-Batteries-3

    But some cases have been recorded of dangerous consequences for leaving phones in charger for too long!

    This can be caused by 2 reasons; First, if you are using a non-genuine charger that is not manufactured professionally or meet safety measures when it comes to charging, this can cause over charging and damage the battery which may lead to such consequences. Second , if the phone overheats while charging. This can be caused by putting the phone in a place with no proper ventilation. like people who put their phones under the pillow while charging. Or if you have a case for the phone that prevents heat from escaping, this also will cause the phone to overheat.Myths-and-Facts-about-Batteries

    When is the best time to charge the phone, when it’s low on charge or when it’s got half the juice?

    The ideal time to charge up your phone is when it’s 80-50 percent charged.charging-phone

    What charging habits that can affect the lifespan of the battery?

    Charging Cycles, this mean that you charge the phone after it’s got to 0%. Leaving the battery to deplete , and then charging it up again will lead to shorter life span of the battery. Every battery has a certain amount of charging cycles that it can go through. So try not to leave the battery to drain completely as much as possible.Screenshot-19

    How harmful can non-genuine chargers be?

    As we said, if it’s made of poor materials it can lead to improper charging and can cause overheating and damage the battery components. However if it’s necessary to use one in case you forgot your own charger or have no other power source, make sure to charge it for not too long and keep an eye on the phone if it overheats.genuine charger

    Helpful tips:
    -Always carry an extra charger or a powerbank with you
    -If you are going to leave the phone to charge overnight, remove the casing
    -Use original and compatible chargers; most manufacturers are standardizing their charging cables now. So if you need to borrow a charger from someone who use a -----Different phone than your’s at least make sure they use a genuine charger.
    -Don’t let your phone till the battery is too low.
    -Check some of the battery saving apps that can help reduce wasting the energy of your battery

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