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      We’ve all heard all sorts of stories about the consequences of over charging our smartphones, leaving them plugged in or rarely charging them. But which is true? Do phones really explode if you leave them plugged in for too long ? Does the battery get damaged if you charge it many times ? We got some answers for you questions that will put this dilemma to an end. Here are some Facts and Myths about charging smartphones.

      As we’ve explained before in other articles, we will be explaining every detail in our reviews so you’d get to know what exactly we are talking about. And you will be aware more about the technical information you need to know before buying a new device. This time we will talk about The Processor, lately we’ve been hearing a lot of terms like Dual-core, quad-core or Octa-core, chipset, and others, so keep reading to know all what you need to know about processing.

      The main point of having a mobile phone is to be able to communicate and connect with each other. Now mobile phones can do more than just calls, thats why they are called Smartphones, they can send texts, MMS, do video calls, connect to the internet, or to other devices wirelessly, or be a source of internet connection on their own.

      Whether it’s a smartphone, a phablet or even a tablet, the technical specs are not only what matters when buying a new device. What keeps the components all together safely is important to know as well. There are different factors that affect the protection of your devices, so you need to check them, and also to know what terms are on the box when buying a new device.

      Televisions nowadays are not just for watching channels and connect DVD players to it, TVs can do much more now. That’s why you need to know all specs and abilities of TV and know where are you spending your money. We've gathered all the useful information that might help you decide which TV to choose from the many ones on display at store.

    •  In our reviews we talk about different features of the device, to make it easier for you we will explain each feature and why is it important to know all the terminologies in regards to each feature. We will start by the display.

      If you are an intense web surfer you check a lot of sites per day, articles, blogs, news, videos, and other random stuff, some you like to keep on the side in case you need them again, thats what book marks are for. But the more bookmarks you have it gets crowded, and messy and you feel like you are lost with all the bookmarked links. If you are a neat freak, and loves everything to be sorted and categorized, we've got something for you. Google Bookmark Manage


      Chrome’s Bookmark manager makes your bookmarks all organized and eye catchy so you’d be able to find what you want easily and quickly. all you need is a chrome browser, version  38 or higher, and install the extension, and get started.

      You can create folders for each topic you are saving bookmarks for; work, travel, fashion, tech, things to buy or even jokes and books. And by time google will pick up your trends and will save the links directly to the related folders.logoa


      Another feature is that you can share bookmarks folder with other people, so in case you and your workmates are collecting info about a specific topic you can all bookmark the links to the same folder so everything will be in the same place.


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      Things last if you take care of them, do you know how should you take care of your TV? We’ve all been hearing lately about new smart TVs that go kaputt in no time, so we brought you some tips to take care of with your precious TV

      so you’ve set your mind on a new laptop , great news! But have you thought about What will you do with the old one? if you’re planning on selling it then you should have a checklist of things you need to do before you say good bye to your old laptop…


      those hundreds of GBs of your own personal data, photos, documents, videos, songs or just random files, you are not just gonna give them away to whomever gonna buy your laptop. Backup everything , you either get it on cloud storages or if you have an external hard drive, or just copy them to the new laptop once you get it.Backup 2

      2-disable unauthorise or uninstall old software

      if you have any purchased software that are authorized to user, you should disable all that so you won’t lose your right of owning that software.uninstall

      3- check for OS serial numbers

      if you have original OS copy , keep the serial number and codes so when you re install it on your new laptop, you won't find any difficulties or face any issue regarding that matter. the serial numbers and product key is actually what you paid for not the software or the disc.


      4- Format HDD

      Just to make sure everything is secure and all your data is safe, wipe everything on the Hard drive and its better to be formatted, so nothing can be restored.


      5- keep it clean

      invest in a laptop cleaning kit, screen cleaner and wiping pad , clean the Old laptop from all dust and stains, that might be invisable to the naked eye, but you will be surprised by how much dust could the surface of your laptop keep and not let you see. cleanlaptop

      kit limpieza lcd


      You can keep the cleaning kit so you’ll keep the new one always clean.


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    Results 1 - 5 of 38