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    • Bookmark Friendly Chrome

      If you are an intense web surfer you check a lot of sites per day, articles, blogs, news, videos, and other random stuff, some you like to keep on the side in case you need them again, thats what book marks are for. But the more bookmarks you have it gets crowded, and messy and you feel like you.... Read more: »

    • 5 steps you need to follow before selling your old computer

      so you’ve set your mind on a new laptop , great news! But have you thought about What will you do with the old one? if you’re planning on selling it then you should have a checklist of things you need to do before you say good bye to your old laptop… 1-Backup those hundreds of GBs of your own.... Read more: »

    • How to choose the best laptop for students?

      If you are starting your college years then you need to get ready with a nice laptop that makes your life a little easier. A good laptop will help you in most of your assignments be it researching, writing a paper, or working on a presentation. In this article we will give you some tips on the.... Read more: »

    • How to choose the best laptop for work?

      Your needs in your new laptop will change based on the kind of job you have, so this will be your first task. Write a list with all the things that you will need from your laptop and based on that we can determine the specs that will need. This article will try to give you hints on what you might.... Read more: »

    • How to choose the best laptop for a designer ?

      If you’re a designer, thinking about a career in designing or just enjoy working on designing programs then this is the right article for you. Spend a few minutes reading our article and we will tell you quick tips on the best laptop that you can get to help you with your designing.... Read more: »

    • How to choose the best laptop for gaming?

      If you already know what you want your laptop for and it turned out to play games then these are the things you need to look out for when you’re shopping for a new laptop.  1-Processor and RAM. You need a fast powerful processor and lots of RAM to get you through heavy and 3D games.... Read more: »

    • How to make your laptop battery live longer:

      This is one of the most horrible problems that we all face with our laptops; cause what good is your laptop with a dead battery. Once we get a new laptop we all start freaking out about the batteries because we know what happened to old one and turned our lovely laptops into unmovable PC. This.... Read more: »

    • 7 tips to improve your laptop’s performance

      Does your laptop take ages to start up? Does it lag when you’re using more than one program at once? Or in the middle of a movie? Most of our laptops do and you might think that this is just how it is with laptops or that you have to take it for someone to fix it for you which couldn’t be less.... Read more: »

    • 5 ways to make your laptop lives longer.

      If you are planning to buy a new laptop, just bought one or even want your old laptop to live a little longer, this article will introduce you to 5 tips to make your laptop have a long happy life. 1-Don’t put it on a bed or a pillow. This is something that we all do when we are using our.... Read more: »

    Results 1 - 9 of 9