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    • Facts and Myths About Charging Your Phone

      We’ve all heard all sorts of stories about the consequences of over charging our smartphones, leaving them plugged in or rarely charging them. But which is true? Do phones really explode if you leave them plugged in for too long ? Does the battery get damaged if you charge it many times ? We got.... Read more: »

    • Bookmark Friendly Chrome

      If you are an intense web surfer you check a lot of sites per day, articles, blogs, news, videos, and other random stuff, some you like to keep on the side in case you need them again, thats what book marks are for. But the more bookmarks you have it gets crowded, and messy and you feel like you.... Read more: »

    • What to look for when you’re buying a smartwatch?

      Now that you have a clear idea of what smartwatches are and how they evolved to become the emerging technology it currently is, it’s time for you to know what makes a normal watch smart. Why should I even care? If you’re on the hunt for a new smartwatch and you don’t know exactly what to be.... Read more: »

    • 6 Things You Need to Conisder Before Buying New Headphones

      If you read our last article then you now know the six different types of headphones that are designed for different needs and tastes and you probably have an idea which type would be more suitable for you, now to make a smart purchase you have to know what are the key things to look for in your.... Read more: »

    • All you need to know about computer cables and ports.

      Why should I even bother ? Now that you know the different types of cables and ports you use for video or audio transmitting, It’s time to know more about these ports lying on the side of your laptop or this mysterious area in the back of your PC waiting to be discovered, It is time for words.... Read more: »

    • 3 devices that make power cutoffs productive.

      Why should I even bother? Summer is on doors and by summerwe don't mean having fun on the beach we mean electricity cutoffs!! . And even though at times all you need is your smartphone or tablet to keep you accompanied and not bored out of your head, if you’re at work or you’re studying it.... Read more: »

    • All You Need to Know About Cables and Ports for Video and Audio

      Why should I even bother? Jacks, HDMI and YuV mean nothing but a bunch of letters for most of us; we see and deal with several cables and ports every day, either with our computers, TVs, smartphones or tablets but how many times did you buy a device, took it home then found out it doesn't work.... Read more: »

    Results 1 - 7 of 7