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    • Facts and Myths About Charging Your Phone

      We’ve all heard all sorts of stories about the consequences of over charging our smartphones, leaving them plugged in or rarely charging them. But which is true? Do phones really explode if you leave them plugged in for too long ? Does the battery get damaged if you charge it many times ? We got.... Read more: »

    • Reviews 101: Mobile Connections

      The main point of having a mobile phone is to be able to communicate and connect with each other. Now mobile phones can do more than just calls, thats why they are called Smartphones, they can send texts, MMS, do video calls, connect to the internet, or to other devices wirelessly, or be a source.... Read more: »

    • Reviews 101: The Protection

      Whether it’s a smartphone, a phablet or even a tablet, the technical specs are not only what matters when buying a new device. What keeps the components all together safely is important to know as well. There are different factors that affect the protection of your devices, so you need to check.... Read more: »

    • Reviewzat TV Buying Guide

      Televisions nowadays are not just for watching channels and connect DVD players to it, TVs can do much more now. That’s why you need to know all specs and abilities of TV and know where are you spending your money. We've gathered all the useful information that might help you decide which TV to.... Read more: »

    • Reviews 101: The Display

       In our reviews we talk about different features of the device, to make it easier for you we will explain each feature and why is it important to know all the terminologies in regards to each feature. We will start by the display. . Read more: »

    • Bookmark Friendly Chrome

      If you are an intense web surfer you check a lot of sites per day, articles, blogs, news, videos, and other random stuff, some you like to keep on the side in case you need them again, thats what book marks are for. But the more bookmarks you have it gets crowded, and messy and you feel like you.... Read more: »

    • How To Make Your TV Live Longer

      Things last if you take care of them, do you know how should you take care of your TV? We’ve all been hearing lately about new smart TVs that go kaputt in no time, so we brought you some tips to take care of with your precious TV . Read more: »

    • 5 steps you need to follow before selling your old computer

      so you’ve set your mind on a new laptop , great news! But have you thought about What will you do with the old one? if you’re planning on selling it then you should have a checklist of things you need to do before you say good bye to your old laptop… 1-Backup those hundreds of GBs of your own.... Read more: »

    • How to get the best out of your phone's camera

        About a decade ago all mobile phones started to have built in cameras, and most users rely on their mobile phones cameras to capture either special or random moments of their lives, more than they use the regular cameras. Not everyone has a compact or professional camera, but for sure.... Read more: »

    • What Is Rooting?

        Don’t you go through that moment where you perform a certain action on your smartphone but it seems a bit inconvenient and there could be an easier way to do so, you just wish you could magically get into your phone, set that thing up, and that will be it. Well, you can do so; you just.... Read more: »

    Results 1 - 10 of 36