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    • World's Most Expensive Televisions

       How much would you pay for a TV set? That’s a question that normal people ask, when you consider buying a new TV, or any appliance around the house, you have a budget, or at least there is a limit that you will stop at. But apparently the manufacturers of these TVs were not aiming for that.... Read more: »

    • Do You Know What Is FPS?

      When checking a new phone’s specs, especially at the camera section, you will always see the term FPS, but do you know what is it? . Read more: »

    • 8 Turning points in the TV industry

      Televisions have came through a long journey since it’s beginning. Being a big wooden box to being now a slim display hanged on the wall, that didn't happen overnight, but took almost a century to witness that much change, so here are the major 8 turning points in the television industry. . Read more: »

    • TV buying Checklist

      Lately all TVs have all these new features and specs that gets us all confused, and advertisings show different terminologies that we might not be very familiar with, so when we are about to make the decision to buy a new TV we just cross our fingers and hope we made the right choice. No need to.... Read more: »

    • How Smart Is Your Smart TV?

      Now in the digital TV era TVs are not just for watching whats being aired on channels. There’re a bunch of things TVs can do now that were not even in our minds a decade ago, but the range of Smart TVs nowadays is bigger than when it started to spread out, some TVs can do things while others.... Read more: »

    • HD, Full-HD and 4k: Screen resolutions explained.

      When you’re searching for a new TV, phone or even tablet to buy, the display is one of the main factors that goes into your decision. Is the screen bright? Will the details be sharp or blurry? Will the fonts be clear? Will it glare when I use it in broad daylight? The answer of all these questions.... Read more: »

    • What are smart TVs?

      When you go TV shopping there are usually specific features that you know and ask for. For a while all you needed to know was the resolution and size of the screen. Recently, you also need to know whether or not it has 3D features and if it’s smart or not. Some people assume that a Smart TV is a.... Read more: »

    • Electronic choices for Mother’s day gift.

      Mother’s day is on doors and everyone is now hunting for the perfect and most practical gift they can get their mothers, grandmothers or mothers-in-law. So we decided to round up some choices of what we think would make a very nice Mother’s day gift and which fit different budgets. We are talking.... Read more: »

    • Android has moved into TVs.

      Android has moved into TVs.   We were used to Android software being only housed by smartphones, but recently it has expanded its wings to reach televisions as well. So what exactly is an Android TV? and how is it different than smart TVs or even standard TVs? Basically, having your.... Read more: »

    • What is an OLED screen?

      There was a time when all you needed to know about TVs whether it has a LCD screen or a Plasma screen, then as all things in technology evolve, new types of screen started surfacing, LED and OLED screens amongst them. Technology explained Generally, OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting.... Read more: »

    Results 1 - 10 of 12