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    • 15 Things You Can Get For The Price Of Lamborghini Smartphone

      If you were following the latest CES 2015 then you’ve probably heard of the new Lamborghini Smartphone.This is by all means one of the ugliest phones you will ever lay eyes on, and surprisingly it costs more than you can think. For $6,000 (46,800 EGP)you will be getting yourself one of the.... Read more: »

    • Enjoy your Vacation with these Apps

      After long weeks of studying, revising and all the stress before your semester exams, it’s the time everyone has been waiting for, Vacation is finally here. It’s time to relax, procrastinate, and chill; we’ve got you some apps that will be entertaining to you and a great use for all the free time.... Read more: »

    • What To Look Forward For in 2015 (Part II)

       We’ve checked before the Most Anticipated releases that will take place in 2015 , but there seems to be more waiting ahead of us. The list keeps going on so here are the rest of expected devices to be released this year.   . Read more: »

    • Archos 50 Diamond First Impression

       Archos is usually known for making mid range and low end phones, but during this CES, archos released an new high-end phone which got the name Archos 50 Diamond . Read more: »

    • ASUS Zenfone 2 First impression

       Asus has been in the electronics industry for a while now and the name is well known when it comes to laptops and computers, and recently asus has joined the smartphones field, with small contributions , but they still count. This year at the CES 2015, Asus presented a smartphone with a.... Read more: »

    • Saygus V2 : First Impression

      Have you heard of Saygus brand name before? Neither did we, until this year’s CES show 2015. Saygus is a new American smartphones company that has debuted its first phone last year, but made a great improvement this year with -what some has called- Superman phone, the Saygus V2 . Read more: »

    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Expectations

      The Galaxy S series was the breakthrough in Samsung’s history of cellphones, this series have witnessed a lot of new innovations and improvements in the field of smartphones. Through the times, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 were phones to look up to and longly awaited.... Read more: »

    • BlackBerry In 2014

      5 years ago was the golden time for Blackberry devices, with more easy internet access compared to other mobile phones at that time and the Android and iOS were still in the beginning, and that made Blackberry the new breakthrough. But shortly the Android and ios devices caught up in the game and.... Read more: »

    • Top 5 Smartphones for less than 3000 L.E

      Mid- range phones doesn’t necessarily means, bad perfromance, or you have to settle for less. Flagships are mainly overproced because of luxury features or so, but in terms of performance they might be as mid-range ones or a bit close. We got you here the Top Smartphones that you can get for 3000.... Read more: »

    • Motorola in 2014

      Motorola is a name that cannot be forgotten when talking about smartphones and mobile communication. Even though, Motorola’s contributions to the smartphone markets have been very limited, Motorola is the reason why we all have cellphones , if you don’t know that the first mobile phone ever was.... Read more: »

    Results 1 - 10 of 122