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    • 7 Futuristic Laptop Designs

       The industry of laptops has came a long way since it has started, we’ve seen innovations that were only thought of to be imaginations, but by time these imaginations made their way to reality. We got to see some of these imaginations nowadays, and we will share them with you, so you can.... Read more: »

    • Enjoy your Vacation with these Apps

      After long weeks of studying, revising and all the stress before your semester exams, it’s the time everyone has been waiting for, Vacation is finally here. It’s time to relax, procrastinate, and chill; we’ve got you some apps that will be entertaining to you and a great use for all the free time.... Read more: »

    • Asus TransformerBook T300 Chi first impression

      Asus has already announced Its new thin slim Tablet/Laptop , The Transformer Book T300 back in september, but revealed the final specs and features during CES 2015. Along side with other similar models but the T300 was definitely the star of the show. . Read more: »

    • 6 Things your parents need to know before joining facebook

      lately a lot of parents have joined facebook, it’s a totally different world than the one they are used to. The social network website is not as simple as it seems, for us maybe, but for them, they don’t see it the way we see it. what seems to you as a definite NO No, is for them an Okay. The.... Read more: »

    • 8 Signs You Are Addicted To Social Media

      Social media is becoming a big part of our daily lives these days, it’s the basic mean of communication we use daily, with friends, co-workers or even with public by sharing our thoughts and ideas. Some use it casually, or during boring hours at work or waiting in traffic, but some are glued to.... Read more: »

    • First Impression: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

      Lenovo just keeps impressing everyone with its new innovations, This year it introduces the first 13” Yoga Tablet, with a built-in Projector. . Read more: »

    • Asus's Double Faced laptop, Taichi

      Have you seen a laptop with 2 screens? No that’s not a sci-fi movie gadget, it's a real thing. Asus introduced the new laptop Asus Taichi a dual-screen laptop, that runs on windows 8.1, it can be calld a Hybrid since it can be used as a laptop and also a Tablet PC. . Read more: »

    • Evolution Of Laptops

      If it hasn’t been for smartphones, Laptops would have been the most used technology tool used everyday by millions of people. Laptops make everything close, easy, and accessible, not to forget that they are portable, comfy and some look really cool as well, with all the contemporary designs and.... Read more: »

    • Ello, Did you get it yet?

       Have you heard about Ello? No, it’s not a new electronics brand, or a new gadget, it’s a new social network website. Ello is known to be the new ad-free social network, and some call it anti-facebook. Many of us are getting bored from facebook being so crowded with ads and the trends that.... Read more: »

    • Helpful apps for work

      There are 24 hours a day, 8 -9 of them are the daily time we get to do our work. whether you are a corporate employee, an entrepreneur or even a freelancer, sometimes we feel that these hours arent enough to finish what we have to do. Most of the times it’s due to lack of organizing or time.... Read more: »

    Results 1 - 10 of 17