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    • 15 Things You Can Get For The Price Of Lamborghini Smartphone

      If you were following the latest CES 2015 then you’ve probably heard of the new Lamborghini Smartphone.This is by all means one of the ugliest phones you will ever lay eyes on, and surprisingly it costs more than you can think. For $6,000 (46,800 EGP)you will be getting yourself one of the.... Read more: »

    • 7 Smallest Gadgets In History

      Technology has always been associated with big sized devices, and along the time , technology makers have been challenging themselves and their inventions themselves to try to make them smaller and still do the same job. For instance when they tried to replace the paper and pen, it started with a.... Read more: »

    • 7 Futuristic Laptop Designs

       The industry of laptops has came a long way since it has started, we’ve seen innovations that were only thought of to be imaginations, but by time these imaginations made their way to reality. We got to see some of these imaginations nowadays, and we will share them with you, so you can.... Read more: »

    • Enjoy your Vacation with these Apps

      After long weeks of studying, revising and all the stress before your semester exams, it’s the time everyone has been waiting for, Vacation is finally here. It’s time to relax, procrastinate, and chill; we’ve got you some apps that will be entertaining to you and a great use for all the free time.... Read more: »

    • LG in 2014

      Did you know that LG is short for Life’s Good, well LG’s year has been a good one. 2014 witnessed 43 new releases for smartphones and tablets,and 2 new gadgets. let’s take a quick look on LG’s achievements this year. . Read more: »

    • Samsung In 2014

       When you think of Smartphones, Samsung is the first name that comes to your mind. for the past few years, Samsung fiercely invaded the market of smartphones after being a secondary player in the game, now it’s the leader, a pioneer and definitely a winner. 2014 was a year full of a lot of.... Read more: »

    • 8 Signs You Are Addicted To Social Media

      Social media is becoming a big part of our daily lives these days, it’s the basic mean of communication we use daily, with friends, co-workers or even with public by sharing our thoughts and ideas. Some use it casually, or during boring hours at work or waiting in traffic, but some are glued to.... Read more: »

    • First Impression: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

      Lenovo just keeps impressing everyone with its new innovations, This year it introduces the first 13” Yoga Tablet, with a built-in Projector. . Read more: »

    • The Evolution Of Memory Crads

      Do you know what's the difference between  the different types of memory cards? Do you know what does the numbers and icons on each memory card indicates? You should know to choose the most suitable memory card for your use. . Read more: »

    • 7 Most Expensive Headphones

      Muisc lovers, tech savyS, luxurious customers and those who like to stand out in the crowd, if you are any of the above, you have to check these Super Fancy Headphones that will not only provide amazing sound quality but will also you will have a one of a kind, top shelf product. Here we bring you.... Read more: »

    Results 1 - 10 of 22