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    • Which Yoga Tablet Is Better? Lenovo Yoga Tablets Comparison

      So it’s been the latest trend nowadays, the lenovo YOGA tablets, the tablets that can stand, hang, or just lie on a surface with an angle. The latest version is the Yoga Tablet 2, and it includes 3 different devices; Yoga Tablet 2 8”, Yoga Tablet 2 10” and the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. Rather than going.... Read more: »

    • 8 People Who Changed The World Through Technology

      The world as we see it now is definitely nothing like it was few decades ago; of course humans develop steadily as time pass by, but there were some whose achievements didn’t just took the word steps ahead but leaped . Here are some of the World’s Most Famous people, but not because they are.... Read more: »

    • 15 Things You Can Get For The Price Of Lamborghini Smartphone

      If you were following the latest CES 2015 then you’ve probably heard of the new Lamborghini Smartphone.This is by all means one of the ugliest phones you will ever lay eyes on, and surprisingly it costs more than you can think. For $6,000 (46,800 EGP)you will be getting yourself one of the.... Read more: »

    • 5 Electronic Gadgets You'd Feel Sorry For Who Bought Them

      We’ve been witnessing a major technological improvement with all the devices and electronics that we deal with everyday. All the devices that we are using nowadays on a daily basis were considered to be super futuristic a few years back. But here we are seeing all those visions becoming reality.... Read more: »

    • 7 Smallest Gadgets In History

      Technology has always been associated with big sized devices, and along the time , technology makers have been challenging themselves and their inventions themselves to try to make them smaller and still do the same job. For instance when they tried to replace the paper and pen, it started with a.... Read more: »

    • 7 Futuristic Laptop Designs

       The industry of laptops has came a long way since it has started, we’ve seen innovations that were only thought of to be imaginations, but by time these imaginations made their way to reality. We got to see some of these imaginations nowadays, and we will share them with you, so you can.... Read more: »

    • Enjoy your Vacation with these Apps

      After long weeks of studying, revising and all the stress before your semester exams, it’s the time everyone has been waiting for, Vacation is finally here. It’s time to relax, procrastinate, and chill; we’ve got you some apps that will be entertaining to you and a great use for all the free time.... Read more: »

    • What To Look Forward For in 2015 (Part II)

       We’ve checked before the Most Anticipated releases that will take place in 2015 , but there seems to be more waiting ahead of us. The list keeps going on so here are the rest of expected devices to be released this year.   . Read more: »

    • Archos 50 Diamond First Impression

       Archos is usually known for making mid range and low end phones, but during this CES, archos released an new high-end phone which got the name Archos 50 Diamond . Read more: »

    • Lenovo Tab2 A730 First Impressions

      Lenovo is starting this year with some average tablets, after the major flagships and innovations of last year. The Lenovo Tab 2 A730 is the upgraded version of the A710. . Read more: »

    Results 1 - 10 of 161