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  • Comparison between Samsung Galaxy S4 versus LG G2

    LG’s launch of the LG G2 smartphone, followed by the Nexus 5 shows how serious they are about growing their smartphone market share and Samsung will probably react very quickly as we expect to see the Galaxy S5 in January at the Consumer Electroncis Symposium. Since the LG G2 is being released months after the Galaxy S4, it is natural that it is ahead in some of the key specs. Franckly, the LG G2 is very powerful with a beautiful screen and outstanding sound quality. Let us not forget the the Galaxy S4 is also very impressive with wide range of gestures and applications.


    The LG G2 is marginally bigger and heavier since it has a 5.2-inch screen versus the S4 that has a 5-inch display. They are both very elegant with polycarbonate outer casing. The G2 volume buttons and oddly put at the back of the phone below the camera lens unlike the traditional side volume rocker that has become kind of the norm.lg g2 vs s4 side


    Galaxy S4

    LG G2

    Length (mm)



    Width (mm)



    Thickness (mm)



    Weight (grams)



    All tests show that the LG G2 is faster but as mentioned earlier, the technology is progressing very quickly some coming a few months late means the LG had an advantage to get more recent processors. They both use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, but the G2 uses a more recent and more powerful version. The G2 processor is a 2.26 GHz quad core processor while the S4 uses a 1.9 GHz quad core processor. Even the graphics processor in the G2 is the more recent version of the one in the S4. They both have the same 2 Megabytes RAM but they differ in the memory capacity. The S4 has 16 Gigs of memory but you can add an additional SD card to have more space. However the G2 is offered in 32 Gigs memory without the additional memory option, which is a disadvantage.


    Apart from the above specs, they both have Infrared so they can work as remote controllers. Both have the latest Android Jellybean versions as the operating system. The S4 has the special edge of being very interactive with its gestures.


    Both mobile sets have beautiful colorful and bright screens. The G2 is 0.2-inch bigger with its 5.2-inch display.  They are both full HD with 1080 by 1920 pixels. Accordingly the S4 has a minor edge in pixel per inch density that cannot be detected by the eye.


    The cameras are also more or less the same. They are both 13 megapixels with LED flash and nearly the same camera features. In fact the camera options are a lot that makes me wonder how frequently they will be used. The front cameras are nearly the same although the G2 is 2.1 megapixels versus the S4 being 2 megapixels.g2 vs s4 camThe video capture is nearly identical with only the G2 shooting 60 frames per second versus the 30 from S4. Overall despite the minor edge in couple of areas for the G2, we see them equal.

    Bottom line

    While being at the edge of technology at the time of the launch the S4 is now behind. The LG G2 is a clear mark of what LG is capable of doing and is a very impressive smartphone. LG made use of the time and introduced a more powerful smartphone and we will now wait for the S5 to hit back.

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