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  • The History Of The Mouse

     It’s the smallest component of any computer, yet we can’t use it without it. Although it’s being named after a small creature, the Mouse in regards to the computer is not small at all, in terms of importance. The mouse as we see it today isn’t of course how it started. Here is a few turning points in the history of the Computer Mouse.

    In the early 60’s Douglas Engelbart wanted to develop a tool to enable possible ways for people to increase their capability to solve complex problems,That required the ability to interact with information displays using some sort of device to move a cursor around the screen. that could be considered the birth of the idea. Many tools were made like, joysticks for instance. But the mouse proved to be the best of them.ENGELBARTs first mouse

    In 1964, the first prototype of computer mouse was made to use with a graphical user interface . It was a simple mechanical device with two perpendicularly mounted discs on the bottom. the mouse was made to draw perfectly straight horizontal or vertical linesfirst production mouse

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    The first production workstation and mouse were made in 1967 The mouse had a plastic casing on a metal base plate.BillEnglish

    In 1972, Bill English developed the design further by inventing what is known as the "Ball Mouse" that we know today. The ball replaced the wheels and was capable of monitoring movement in any direction.mousee 2608405k

    Until the 1980’s all computers used the Ball mouse, but it used collect dirt and dust, affecting the performance on the long run.


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    That’s when the optical mouse was developed, to be more efficient. However, at that time the cost of optical Mouse was very high so it was not produced widely. But that wasn’t for long, by the late 90’s and early 2000 the optical mouse became more available, and it had many different types, shapes and sizes.

    dynamode-usb-optical-mouse-800dpi-black Which made it more commercial and adding to that , the developing wireless optical mouse. Now you don’t have to deal with the hassle of cables and cords coming out of computers or laptops2-4G-Wireless-Mouse-TM-3000-

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