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  • Comparison between the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 3

    The Galaxy S5 has been announced to be released on April 11th and a lot of people are wondering where does it stand from the company’s infamous Note 3 which came out only six months ago. Does it look better? Is it faster? Does it have a better display? This is a detailed comparison between the pros and cons of both smartphones to answer these questions.


    Starting off with the size, the Galaxy Note 3 is larger and heavier than the S5 which goes back to the fact that it has a bigger screen. Generally, the S5 will be easier to hold, type on and fit in a pocket than the Note 3. Both phones have unique designs, the Note 3 has a Faux-Leather back cover which makes it both practical and elegant, it also comes in black, white, brown and pink. The S5 came out with a new metal textured casing in 4 different colors, black, gold, blue and white. So in this regard, it’s a matter of taste really.


    Note 3



    151.2 mm

    142 mm


    79.2 mm

    72.5 mm


    8.3 mm

    8.1 mm


    168 g

    145 g

    Performancenote 3 vs s5 article 2

    The Note 3 runs Android’s JellyBean 4.2 while the S5 is running the newer KitKat 4.4. This is not exactly an advantage since the new KitKat update will reach a lot of phones on the market, the Note 3 among them. Processing wise, the Note 3 has s 1.9 Quad-core processor along with a 1.3 GHz Dual-core processor and 3GB RAM while the S5 has a 2.5 GHz Quad-core processor and 2GB RAM. It’s hard to tell which phone will have a faster performance but the Note 3 is looking better in this regard. In regards of memory, the S5 comes in 16 or 32GB variants while the Note 3 comes in 32 or 64GB variants. However, you can add a 128GB microSD card to the S5 while with the Note 3, you’re restricted to a 64GB. The SPen available with the Note 3 gives it an advantage over the S5 since it turns your smartphone to an actual note where you can write and save your data instantly. The fact that the S5 is waterproof and that it comes with a fingerprint sensor and a heart rate sensor can’t go unmentioned. It’s true that the Note 3 has a stronger battery, but if you take into consideration that the S5 has a smaller screen that consumes less power and the Ultra Power Saving feature in the S5 that makes it live 24 hours on standby mode with only 10% of charge, you’ll get a tie since both phones will survive heavy usage easily.


    Both phones come with a Super AMOLED screen, the S5 being a 5.1-incher while the Note 3 is a 5.7-incher. This means that reading documents or books or watching videos will be done easier on the Note 3’s screen. Resolution wise, both phones have Full-HD display, however the S5 has higher pixel density than the Note 3 which means that the details will probably be clearer and sharper on the S5 than on the Note 3.

    Cameranote 3 vs s5 article 3

    Generally, the S5 will take better photos and videos than the Note 3. Since it has a 16MP camera with brand new features like speedy 0.3 second autofocus, video HDR which adjusts the lighting of your videos and selective focus which chooses what should be in focus and what’s out of focus in your images not to mention 4K video recording. While the Note 3 has a 13MP camera that can only record Full-HD videos. So if you’re a photography fanatic, the S5 will be a better fit for you.


    The Note 3 now costs 5700 EGP but it was originally priced at 6000 EGP while the S5 3G costs 5777 EGP and the 4G is for 6000 EGP.

    Bottom line

    Considering that the difference in prices probably won’t be that grave, I’d say that the S5 has a couple of more features that makes it a better choice. It offers a better photography experience, it’s waterproof and it has a new unique design. So if these are things you need in your future phone or you think are lacking from your Note 3 then the S5 is your answer.

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