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      So it’s been the latest trend nowadays, the lenovo YOGA tablets, the tablets that can stand, hang, or just lie on a surface with an angle. The latest version is the Yoga Tablet 2, and it includes 3 different devices; Yoga Tablet 2 8”, Yoga Tablet 2 10” and the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro.

      Rather than going through a long specs sheet and you may get confused with which can do what, we will get you the insights and let you know the main differences between them all.

      The world as we see it now is definitely nothing like it was few decades ago; of course humans develop steadily as time pass by, but there were some whose achievements didn’t just took the word steps ahead but leaped . Here are some of the World’s Most Famous people, but not because they are cinema stars or well known authors or even famous politicians, but they are the ones who changed the world through technology.


       It’s the smallest component of any computer, yet we can’t use it without it. Although it’s being named after a small creature, the Mouse in regards to the computer is not small at all, in terms of importance. The mouse as we see it today isn’t of course how it started. Here is a few turning points in the history of the Computer Mouse.

       It's the trend of the Century, isn't it? Everyone you know and you don't know is on Facebook now. Reasons may vary why people are on facebook, or what are they using it for or even how. But one thing remains in common; Everybody is on Facebook. But do you think you know all about facebook? here are some facts you might be interested to know...

      Google Play store is filled with lots of choices for almost any type or category for apps. But when it comes to games, it’s definitely not gonna let you down. Here are the top Games being downloaded on Google PlayStore, get them if you didn’t yet.


    • How Much is too much? How much will you be willing to pay for a Laptop computer? Probably you were not the type of consumers these manufacturers were aiming when they made these laptops and decided how much should they cost. Here is a list of the top 8 Most Expensive laptops you will ever see.


      If you were following the latest CES 2015 then you’ve probably heard of the new Lamborghini Smartphone.This is by all means one of the ugliest phones you will ever lay eyes on, and surprisingly it costs more than you can think. For $6,000 (46,800 EGP)you will be getting yourself one of the ugliest, most useless and pretentious Smartphones ever. If you thought about it, or the idea might have crossed your mind, STOP! We are here to rescue you from these evil thoughts, thats why we brought to you 15 things you can do with the price of that shameful excuse of a phone


      We’ve been witnessing a major technological improvement with all the devices and electronics that we deal with everyday. All the devices that we are using nowadays on a daily basis were considered to be super futuristic a few years back. But here we are seeing all those visions becoming reality and being used frequently and easily. But have you ever wondered, what were these devices like when they first came out to the light? The first version of that technology, how much did it cost back then? Was it worth it to spend all that money on something that few years after were more developed, more available and definitely cheaper?

      Technology has always been associated with big sized devices, and along the time , technology makers have been challenging themselves and their inventions themselves to try to make them smaller and still do the same job. For instance when they tried to replace the paper and pen, it started with a big typing machine, heavy and bulky , but now we have tablets that we can just write on them as we do on papers. This was an achievement, and there are other achievements as well but didn’t get much attention, probably for some technicalities. we brought you some of the tiniest achievements in size but they are definitely not tiny of worth.

    Results 1 - 5 of 203